Become a VIP student

To give you a more complete and personalised service to succeed in your GCSE Spanish exam, we have created a “VIP Student” membership with exceptional value for money.

Anyway, we will start to help you with your Spanish, even if you are not registered. We will give you a full assessment of your Spanish level and we will prepare a personalised learning plan for you,  completely free of charge and without any obligation, just contact us for more information.

Benefits of becoming a VIP STUDENT

If you decide to register for this service, we will assign you a private Spanish tutor, with whom you can keep in contact via email to ask questions, send in writing activities and translations for correction or just ask for more exercises on a specific topic. 

Your online Spanish tutor will constantly monitor your progress, identifying strengths and weaknesses. You will be taught exam tips and tricks, to become familiar with the mark scheme, so that you will be 100% prepared for your exam.

GCSE Spanish tutors online

Becoming a VIP student will also give you full access to exclusive resources such as:

On the other hand, VIP student status also allows you to register for our Spanish online lessonsconversation lessons and one-to-one tutorials online.


1 month3 months6 months1 year
£ 40£ 100£ 175£ 200

Spanish online lessons are not included in the membership.  Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a tailored budget.